Our Board of Directors

President, Jenny Lindsay – Carbondale (email)
Secretary, Deb Bair – New Castle
Treasurer, Betsy Bowie – Carbondale
Past President, Sally Brands – Rifle
Director, Shelbi Bauer – New Castle
Director, Dr. Leticia Burbano de Laro – Glenwood Springs
Director, Anne Dakin – Glenwood Springs
Director, Tinker Duclo – New Castle
Director, Sara Espinoza – Glenwood Springs

Director, Zabdi Fuentes – Glenwood Springs
Director, Wendy Gil – Rifle

Director, Dr. Norma Guzman Duran – Glenwood Springs

Director, Dr. Tess Jankovsky – Glenwood Springs

Director, Kaja Rumney – Basalt

Director, Luz Sanchez – Glenwood Springs
Director, Donna Ward – Aspen

Bright by Three

If you have a child, birth to three years old, you can sign up, for a one time visit, to receive an age appropriate kit. Call us to find out more about Bright by Text for four and five year olds.

Partners for a
Healthy Baby

Do you have questions about labor and delivery, breastfeeding, how to introduce a newborn to your other children, basic child care, child development and community services, but are too busy to enroll in other agency programs? You can receive up to five additional visits after your initial Bright by Three A visit. You choose the topics that you want to learn about, and how you want to space your visits. Services can begin during pregnancy or up to six months after your baby’s birth.

Nurse Family Partnership

If you are pregnant, having your first baby, you may choose to enroll this program provided by registered nurses. They cover all aspects of labor, delivery, breastfeeding, basic child care, and child growth and development. Visits begin in pregnancy and continue until your baby is two years old.

Healthy Families
Aspen to Parachute

If you are pregnant or are parenting an infant, regardless how many children you have raised this program may be for you. You can enroll during your pregnancy or up to three months after the birth of your child, and receive services until they are three years old. Visits cover all aspects or parenting, child growth and development.

Contact Us for an Initial Program Visit

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