Family Visitor ProgramsBabies don’t come with care instructions.

That’s why we’re here.

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Family Visitor Programs provides free guidance and support for new and expectant parents between Aspen and Parachute, Colorado. Our early childhood experts visit families, in person and online, from pregnancy to preschool. Request a visit here.

When the internet, family and friends are not enough.

New and expectant parents are bombarded with advice from social media, web sites, friends and family. Much of what you hear is conflicting. It can be hard to figure out what is best for you and your family. We can help.

Trusted advice tailored to the needs of your family!

For the past 38 years we have been providing parents with a choice of programs. Many parents tell us that have benefited from participating in one of our agency’s programs. Our highly trained staff provide you with encouragement, and education by recognizing your family’s strengths and sharing information during our time together. By building confidence, reducing stress, and maximizing your joy of being parents, our programs help you and your child grow together.

Bright by Three

If you are pregnant or have a child under three, you can sign up for an introductory visit from one of our professional staff.

Partners for a
Healthy Baby

Do you have questions about labor and delivery, breastfeeding, how to introduce a newborn to your other children, basic child care, child development and community services, but are too busy to enroll in other agency programs? You can receive up to five additional visits after your introductory visit. You choose the topics that you want to learn about, and how you want to space your visits. Services can begin during pregnancy or up to six months after your baby’s birth.

Nurse-Family Partnership

If you are expecting your first child, you may choose to enroll in this program. Our registered nurses cover all aspects of labor, delivery, breastfeeding, basic child care, and child growth and development. Visits begin in pregnancy and continue until your baby is two years old.

Healthy Families
Aspen to Parachute

If you are pregnant or are parenting an infant, regardless of how many children you have raised, this program may be for you. You can enroll during your pregnancy or up to three months after the birth of your child, and receive services until your child is three years old. Visits cover all aspects of parenting, child growth and development.

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