Partners for a Healthy Baby

Partners for a Healthy Baby -  Visitors provide support and encouragement to new parents by recognizing their strengths and sharing information about pregnancy, parenting, and child growth and development. Services build parental confidence, reduce stress, and maximize the joys of parenting. Visits begin prenatally or just after the birth of the baby and are offered voluntarily until the  baby is one year old.

The Home Visitors for Partners for a Healthy Baby are experienced mothers who are trained and supervised paraprofessionals. Parents can receive visits during pregnancy or immediately post partum up until their baby is one year old. Because each pregnancy and baby is so different, parents are encouraged to sign up for services regardless of the number of children they already have. Visits provided are free of charge regardless of the parent's income.  Click here to see a short video about Partners for a Healthy Baby.

Prenatal VisitsPartners for a Healthy Baby visitors are in a position to assist families in effecting positive birth outcomes (normal birth weight, full-term delivery) and establishing a safe and healthy home environment for the new baby.  Request a Visit

Once the baby is born visits include:

  • Ages & Stages Development. Parents receive education about ways to stimulate their child’s mental and physical development, for each developmental stage. Periodically they participate in an assessment of their child’s development by answering a questionnaire.
  • Read to Me!” pre-literacy education.  Parents are encouraged to begin reading to their babies starting at birth.  Each month, the Home Visitor gifts the child a new book and models developmentally appropriate reading techniques for parents. 
  • Educational information is provided to all families based on need. Curricula materials from many sources are used to teach the necessary skills for parenting.
  • Community resource referrals are provided for families depending on need.
  • Bright Beginnings materials are given to enrolled families